Batman forever


Mac Brewer - Horror Society




"Rudzinski is a true fan of this style of films. He took the cliches of it all and made fun of it while staying true to it."


"...a true tribute to everything I love about Japanese films and Saturday mornings growing up. This movie has monsters, fights, explosions, and giant robots. From start to finish this movie will entertain and it leaves me begging for a sequel."

Nick Weaver - Lifer Movies


"...unique and engaging story...with a tasteful amount of humor and an energetic soundtrack."


"... fun, action-packed, and family friendly..."


"Super Task Force One won me over with its cleverness, spirit, entertainment value, and its filmmakers’ determination to chart unexplored territories."

Jörgen Lundin - Independent Flicks


"Steve Rudzinski approaches the subject with an obvious affection for it and he does the most of the limited budget at his disposal...a pretty entertaining ride..."


"4 1/2 Stars."

Tim Gross - Gross Movie Reviews


"3 out of 4 stars."


"...if you are looking for something of a different pace than you’re run of the mill mindless mainstream film go buy this entertaining flick..."


"I am no Power Rangers fan at all but found the independent kids friendly film to be very entertaining and it helped jar my memory of the good old days of Saturday morning TV."

Ian Jane - Rock! Shock! Pop!


"While Rudzinski’s film wears its influences plainly on its sleeve, it does a good job of capturing the inspired lunacy that makes those imports and shows like it so much fun to watch."


"Super Task Force One turns out to be a lot of goofy dime store fun."


"...wild creativity and a good understanding of the fun that the sources the movie pulls from..."


"If you dig independently made nuttiness and/or Japanese superhero shows, you’ll probably appreciate what Rudzinski and company have created here."

"The Best Family Film of 2013." - B is for Best

Dan's Toku Rants - Ranger Central


"5/5 Stars."


" building that gives the film a lot of weight and makes it more than just an excuse for fight scenes, as many of these kind of films in the Toku community are."


"The biggest asset to the film is Rudzinski himself...Instead of playing the dashing hero we get a neurotic, doubting, screaming lead and it’s equally endearing and hilarious."


"It’s funny! It’s kid friendly! This is not a film that’s obsessed with how dark it is. It has a playful tone and totally embraces understands the core of what makes Super Sentai and Power Rangers work. They’re stories for kids about good versus evil that can be enjoyed by everyone. Much like Power Rangers, it also establishes that a larger universe beyond this story exists.  One that I would love to see explored!"